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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Giving Best Experience Gifts in 2023

Experience gifts have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Rather than giving material possessions, these gifts offer the recipient a chance to do something memorable and create lasting memories. If you’re new to gifting experiences, this beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know.

Guide to Giving Best Experience Gifts

What Are Experience Gifts?

An experience gift provides the recipient with the opportunity to participate in an activity or event. Rather than unwrapping a physical item, they receive a chance to do something exciting and create special memories. Experiences often involve thrilling adventures, gourmet food and drink, entertainment, travel, or wellness activities. The key is giving the gift of shared time and joyful moments.

Why Experience Gifts Are So Appealing

There are many excellent reasons why experience gifts have become top gift choices:

They create lasting memories

Material gifts may be forgotten quickly, but incredible experiences stay with you for a lifetime.

They avoid clutter

For the minimalist or someone who has everything, experiences don’t take up physical space.

They offer variety

From hot air balloon rides to comedy club tickets, there are endless options.

They indulge passions

You can choose an experience gift tailored exactly to the recipient’s interests.

They feel more personal

Putting thought into selecting a meaningful experience shows how much you care.

Popular Types of Experience Gifts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to experience gifts. Here are some top categories and examples to inspire you:

Adventure & Thrills

Get their adrenaline pumping with once-in-a-lifetime adventures like skydiving, race car driving, hang gliding, hot air balloon rides, whitewater rafting, surf lessons, rock climbing excursions, and more.

Food & Drink

Satisfy their taste buds with gourmet classes, tastings, and food tours:

– Cooking classes – Try cuisines like Italian, French, sushi-making, baking

– Food tours – Explore neighborhoods and sample cuisine


Let them kick back and enjoy concerts, plays, comedy shows, magic shows, and other live events.


Gift them pampering and relaxation with spa days, massage packages, yoga or meditation classes, and fitness retreats.


Surprise them with getaway destinations! Ideas include hotel stays, cruises, tours, safaris, and more.

How to Select the Perfect Experience Gift

Choosing an experience gift is exciting but also requires some forethought:

Consider their interests and personality. An extrovert may appreciate a huge concert, while an introvert may prefer a quiet retreat.

 Factor in their budget. Make sure the experience matches what you want to spend.

Check schedules and availability. Be mindful of their work schedule, vacations, or existing commitments.

Look for deals and promotions. Sign up for email alerts from companies like Cloud 9 Living and Groupon for experience gift discounts.

Think about group gifts or going solo. Some may prefer sharing the experience with a group, while others would rather go independently.

Purchasing and Presenting Experience Gifts

A bit of planning ensures your experience gift goes smoothly:

Order early for popular experiences. During peak seasons, hot experiences book up quickly.

Read cancellation and rebooking policies. Understand the terms in case plans need to change.

Add personal touches to the gift presentation. Include tickets in a nice card with a thoughtful note.

Assist with reservations. Offer to help schedule the experience for a convenient date.

– Provide detailed instructions. Give clear directions, contact info, parking details, and any other useful info.

Minding Experience Gift Etiquette

Giving an experience gift comes with some etiquette to keep in mind:

Give timeline reminders. Politely remind them to use the gift within the valid timeframe.

Offer flexibility if plans must change. Be understanding if they need to reschedule.

Pay any extra incidental costs upfront. Offer to cover parking, food, etc.

Allow them to bring a guest. Make it clear they can invite someone to join them.

Send a thoughtful thank you afterward. Express how delighted you are they enjoyed the experience.

The joy of giving someone an exciting experience gift they’ll always remember is priceless. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect gift even for the pickiest recipient. Focus on matching their interests and personality, and you can’t go wrong on giving gifts of experiences